Presenting the Jumah al-Dossari
Center For Critical Studies

The Jumah al-Dossari Center for Critical Studies was founded as an integral part of the museum in the hopes of creating a generative environment for critical discourses on human rights, imprisonment, torture, and postnational political formations. Visitors to the museum are invited to read our publications, browse our library of critical texts, as well as attend one of our many public lecture series. We at the Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History feel that it is incredibly important to both memorialize the events that transpired at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp while it was in operation while also serving as a discursive platform for preventing the reemergence of similarly abusive institutions.

We publish a select number of articles from our collection for free online to ensure that the broader public has access to our materials. Please do explore and read our current selection of texts by clicking on any of the sections below: