Arrows to Mecca, Archival Inkjet Print, 20"x30" 2012

Arrows to Mecca
by Carling McManus and Jen Susman

The Tipton Three Exhibition Space is delighted to include the work "Arrows the Mecca" as part of our permanent collection of works. This series of photographs acts in defamiliarizing our experience of everyday imagery and questions the extent of the entanglements and resonances between places far away and nearby - This work allows viewers to reflect on the history of the Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp in unfamiliar landscapes.

Artist Statement

Arrows to Mecca is a photographic series in which Carling McManus and Jen Susman use water to replicate the small painted arrows found in the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, superimposing them onto a suburban American landscape. The small arrows are intended to orient Guantanamo's detainees toward Mecca for daily prayer.

Carling McManus and Jen Susman met during their MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute. They became immediate collaborators on a range of projects from time-based work that premiered at SFMOMA to a storefront installation that was exhibited in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District. Currently, they live and work in West Virginia.