Hung Lazy Boy, Animated GIF (Projection), 2012

Still from Tipton Three Exhibition Space, 2012.

Hung Lazy Boy
by Carling McManus and Jen Susman

Featured in our main projection space, "Hung Lazy Boy" is an enigmatic work which features a remarkable tension between the domestic setting and the 'bound' and 'hanging' subject of the video. Occupying a space between the banal and the shocking, the piece raises important questions about our experience of violence and spectatorship.

Artist Statement

"He could do so much for me if he just would. He could do everything for me. It's like everything in the world for me is inside a tub full of guts, so that you wonder how there can be any room in it for anything else very important. He is a big tub of guts and I am a little tub of guts and if there is not any room for anything else important in a big tub of guts, how can there be room in a little tub of guts."
- William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying

Carling McManus and Jen Susman met during their MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute. They became immediate collaborators on a range of projects from time-based work that premiered at SFMOMA to a storefront installation that was exhibited in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District. Currently, they live and work in West Virginia.